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Emilio Stecher Ltd.
Werkstrasse 15
CH-6037 Root - Switzerland
Phone +41 41 450 00 50
Fax +41 41 450 00 51


Onsernone Tozzetti

Absolutely new – and exclusively at Emilio Stecher AG: Onsernone Rustico,  antique finish, rounded 10x10x1,5 cm, Introductory offer CHF 149.00 /m2.

Kitchen bench tops

Polished, ground, and brushed kitchen bench tops – in hundreds of colours and in a vast range of different materials. We produce with the highest expertise and skills to satisfy your personal needs.


Bathroom wall and floor tiles, vanities, bath and shower trays, sinks, wet areas and swimming pools.

Gardening and roadworks

Flooring and mosaic tiles, bricks, cobblestones, decorative gravels, pergola pillars, palisades, steles, fountains, blockstones, rubble and much more.

Stairs, walls and flooring

Outdoor and indoor flooring, staircases made of granite, gneiss, marble, porphyry, sandstone, limestone, slate, travertine and many more.

Largest stock in Switzerland with over 420 different natural stones. Expert technical advice from A to Z.
Tables and landscaping

Table and bar slabs, corpuses, sculptures, pillars and tombstones. Any type of stonemasonry.

Fireplaces and mantle pieces
Ofen aus Sandstein

Fireplace surroundings, ovens, barbecue facilities, covering and encasements.

Commercial and civil projects

Planning and management of building projects involving natural stones, such as bank and post office counters. Reconstruction and renovation of buildings of any age. Restoration of wall tiles and cladding.

Most capable production site in Switzerland thanks to computerised-numerically controlled (CNC), high-performance machines. Any type of professional machining used in the natural stone industry can be provided.
Natural stone maintenance
stone clear ratgeberNatural stone maintenance products. Get more information on cleaning, impregnation, maintenance and protection against graffitis for your natural stones.
Events / seminars
No events and seminars planned at this time !